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Old 09-30-2011, 05:33 AM
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Default how to directly contact hostv to escalate issue?

Hello there.

For the most part my experience with HostV has been extremely positive... not all my issues were resolved, but communication from the hosting provider has been extremely prompt.

However, for a currently ongoing incident, I find that there has been no response from the support desk that was raised mid-afternoon. After six hours, and no response, I tried to see what contact options are available to see what is going on with the ticket. I do realize that this took place in the evening hours EST timezone, and as such non-business hours for many hosting companies.

First of all, the phone number is for Cirtex, not HostV.
Second, the online chat is useful to confirm that a ticket has not been dropped or deleted, but apparently is also only for Cirtex tickets. The customer support staff is only able to give reassurances that HostV will contact me soon.
After hearing this at 7:30 PM, 9:00 PM, and 5:00 AM EST from the online chat operator, I am not sure what expectations to have.

Technical support should have multiple communication channels for customers in case one of them fails.

I hope there will be a response to this forum post, and apologize for posting it... I find myself with no other recourse. I can send a PM through with ticket info if requested.

Best regards, Terry
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Old 12-14-2011, 08:40 PM
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Hello Terry,
I am sorry that you have had trouble reaching someone. Please send me a PM with the ticket information and I will investigate for you. Through Phone & Live Chat you should be able to speak with someone in Billing who can look into your support tickets and help you get your issues resolved. HostV and Cirtex Hosting both fall under Cirtex and share the same phone number. I will be awaiting your PM and will check into everything as soon as possible.
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Old 12-17-2011, 11:07 PM
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Hi Nicholas.

This incident was resolved the following morning, so no further assistance from yourself is needed... I thank you for the offer though, and apologies for not updating the forum post.

I continue to feel that the after hour communication channels for HostV are lacking, as there is no telephone support options, and the chat option is only for Cirtex. Cirtex chat only passes on information to HostV, and was not able to relay additional information back to me if HostV support is not responding to email during evening hours. Again, I do recognize that the issue was resolved the following morning. I have not checked to see if there have been any recent changes in communication channels.

Many thanks, Terry

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Old 03-22-2013, 03:20 PM
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Default Поздравляю вс

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С уважением , http://www.botrans.ru/
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Old 09-06-2013, 07:13 PM
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Default North Face - christie's top picks

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GenesisCrafty could be a Magherafeltbased, familyowned bakery that induce a number of artisan, handcrafted bread and confectionery items. Brian coaches a local under14 Gaelic football team and Pdraig Cidigh joined Brian to cheer them on at the championship match.
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General health Dublin friends have come long since starting their business with one phone and vans. Together with investing in a business together they've used on a horse who's going to be running in Bellewstown races. Pdraig joins them on your ride.
With entrepreneurship within the forefront people hopes of economic recovery, Pdraig Cidigh returns, highlighting the organization people from across the globe nominated by their peers for that coveted title of Entrepreneur of the Year.
The fivepart series culminates at the award ceremony in October which celebrates the best in Irish business and success.
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If all goes well, they will reach Nittany Lion Track with a Penn State campus in your late afternoon on next Friday.
Brainstorming with Foster as well as others over a training run last winter, Watson recalled your singular he drove from Stillwater expressing College, it was subsequently almost exactly 1,000 miles door to door. The target audience kicked it around, by means of get rid of the run Foster, an adventurous type via the Australian island condition of Tasmania, said, "Let's perform it."
Now, neither Foster nor Watson knew Kevin Dare. Foster was 13, living half your global away, when Dare vaulted for Penn State. Watson remembers running elizabeth Big East Championships the whole day Dare died, but his younger brother Jake along with a track and cross-country standout at Stillwater High been for the stands from the Field House that day. The memory still resonates.
mile relay will honor fallen athlete's legacy
No 10 runners has attempted anything like these. It is going to sometimes be an assessment for middledistance specialist Foster, a fourtime Big Ten champion at 800 meters additionally the first Tasmanian to execute a subfourminute mile.
Watson endured his signature chilling loss in November 2007, when Ryan Shay, his buddy and former Notre Dame teammate, collapsed and died connected with a cardiac event while running the Olympic Marathon Trials in San francisco. Shay's death moved Watson to utilise marathons himself; he debuted in conjunction with the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon (finishing seventh by 50 %:15.29) and qualified for doing this year's Olympic Trials. Watson's empathy for promising athletes who lose their ability to compete attracted him in the direction of Foundation.
Spreading the word concerning scholarship program proved hard to foundation officials until Watson, a Penn State doctoral candidate in economics, and Ryan Foster, a Foundation intern together with a volunteer assistant track coach for any Nittany Lions (he's a 2011 grad), crafted the relay idea. Their goal: Raising $20,000 to your Foundation scholarship fund.
This shouldn't surprise anyone through the Guinness era, but Foster later discovered a time record existed for the 1,000mile relay: 99 hours, 3 minutes and 27 seconds, by the team of South Africans. That's all he, Watson as well as the leftover gang were required to know.
Majority of those involved are former Penn State track lettermen utilizing a solemn connection to the University of Minnesota.
Never let elite runners plan your celebration. The creativity of folks who challenge the limits of their total endurance regularly are unmatched, and you will realize you are pulled into something so daunting that a person will ask, "And you thought obvious advisable, why?"Luke Watson, the Stillwater product who ran collegiately at Notre Dame, contemplated that question himself after persuading nine of his running buddies to come aboard him in a wild fundraising jaunt just for a Pennsylvania foundation a 1,000mile relay run from Dinkytown to suggest College, Pa., that begins Monday.
"The working out for it really is been in dire straits the previous Times," Foster said. "The possibility to plan to run every single day with a advanced, it is precisely what most people have been doing over the past decade.
"We're confident, yet not too confident," said Foster from a telephone interview from State College. "With 1,000 miles, due to totally appreciate."
"Even at the time i threw one another there, I thought it was ridiculous so that they can run it," Watson said. "It's a long drive. To manage it, that's plain crazy. But we're distance runners, and that we do crazy things on a daily basis. We're a small grouping guys at any time something is offered to us as impossible, we aren't likely down."
Foster prepared sponsors to give shoes, clothes, sunglasses, two vans in addition to chase cars. Police in towns at the same time are already alerted. Threeman groups will change every 30 miles. Foster said the best group, and some Minnesota runners, will start elizabeth U Field House and go to Prescott, Wis., where your 1,000mile count officially begins.
The fallout from your Penn State football scandal, Foster said, hurt initial fundraising. The basement walls is without a linked to the Second Mile, Jerry Sandusky's foundation, but Foster did not push a Nittany Lions pride angle with alums. Aside from that it took more than recommended to secure permission to complete on campus.
For you to interrupt the record, Foster said, the runners must hit a 5:50 to:53 pace per mile.
"I'd say it is really tied together," Watson said. "[Shay] was a big have an effect on me."
After years of fruitful work, getting to changed its focus from Dare's death to his legacy, providing scholarships to highschool athletes struggling debilitating illnesses or injuries. It recently awarded its first "Life Back on Track" scholarship to Lynnette Henshaw, a jumper/hurdler and honor student from On the internet services utilizing treatable form of lymphoma who offers study pharmacy inside University associated with the Sciences in Philadelphia.
Decades ago last February, 19yearold Penn State pole vaulter Kevin Dare a break down fatal head injury inside the Big Ten indoor championships elizabeth U of M Field House. Dare never clear 15 feet 7 inches, a height almost 12 inches below his personal best, and plunged headfirst in to the steel plant box as you're watching landing pit. He died at Hennepin County Doctor's.
In 2004, Dare's family come up with the Kevin Dare Foundation, centered on improving pole vault safety. The cause successfully pushed for engineered helmets for young vaulters or a softer plant box. Penn State track and field athletes have already been interested in getting to since its inception, often volunteering for fundraising events like its annual secondary school invitational meet.
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